Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Supreme Dicks - The Emotional Plague

1996; 11 tracks

Supreme Dicks were among the most intriguing followers of the aesthetics that equates "creative" and "primitive". The kind of drunk, dissonant folk music of their debut evolved towards the avant-garde and psychedelia on The Emotional Plague, an ambitious work that resorted to sparse, dilated and warped structures.

What a fucking astounding album. I can't imagine anything more perfect, seriously. It is very lo-fi but has some psychedelic and kraut-rock influences. Some projects that came to mind while I listened to this album were Jandek, Acid Mother's Temple & the Melting Paraiso U.F.O., Ash Ra, Slint, and even Why? at times. It is very dissonant music. I can't quite describe it as well as I'd like but... it made me think of the color gray. in The Emotional Plague there are infinite shades of gray floating all around. This may seem a limited variety, but for Supreme Dicks, it is enough. Their various styles morph together to create multi-faceted but utterly crushing songs of dissonance and warped otherwordliness.



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