Thursday, December 9, 2010

Lungfish Live + 10 East 7"

Lungfish is a progressive/post-hardcore band from Baltimore, Maryland, fronted by the infamous Daniel Higgs and equipped with such outstanding musicians as Asa Osbourne, Sean Meadows, and Mitchell Feldstein. Their discography is fairly vast, each album changing in color slightly, building and building until the bitter end of their legacy...

Thank you to tsintskaro for these.

10 East 7"

1995; 3 tracks

A highly meditative release... The track "Go Simple" makes my life a litle better. It is a gem among Lungfish records.

To scrape the chattering lungs
Away from my skin
The beast and all it's hornets
Collapse in the popping air


Lungfish, Live at Upstairs at Nick's, Philadelphia, March 1998

1998; 13 tracks

This is a nice set, well recorded, of many tracks off of Artificial Horizons (along with some others).


Lungfish, Live at Brownies, NY, 11.12.99

1999; 14 tracks

This is a REALLY fun and amazing set. I wish I could have been there.



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