Monday, January 24, 2011

Arab on Radar - Queen Hygiene II

2003; 9 tracks

I assure you, there is hardly any better noisy no-wave music out there than this. Arab on Radar is an experimental/noise group from Rhode Island. Combining rebellious new-wave music with experimental noise, Queen Hygiene II, the band's first album, sets quite a standard.

"Arab on Radar is a neo-no-wave band. Using the sounds of the 1970’s most rebellious genre as its muse and retaliating against a whole new batch of mainstream punk music. You see no-wave began as a wholly serious, but extremely goofy retaliation towards the mainstreaminized punk sounds of the late 70s and early 80s new wave genre. The lyrics may not have been a direct attack on skinny white ties and poofy hair, but the graphic, disgusting, snotty sex and violence references make it obvious enough that these guys are angry about something.

You see, Arab on Radar is a ferocious mass of sound, dripping with sex and drugs and seared with distortion and feedback, shrouded in mystery, but out in the open, for anyone who wants it. 0ueen Hygiene II comes as fast as it goes, lasting a mere 21:00 or so minutes, but it leaves as lasting an impression as anything."



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