Thursday, January 5, 2012

Mr. Epp and the Calculations - Ridiculing the Apocalypse

1996; 24 tracks

The self-proclaimed "worst band in the world," Mr. Epp and the Calculations, seem to have been the forerunners of the genre now known as grunge. Formed in the late 70s by a group of teenagers and named after one of their high school math teachers, the still highly unknown band created an EP and several compilations and tapes before disbanding after about 3 years. Ridiculing the Apocalypse, released officially in 1996, is an anthology of the group's work.

I fucking love this band's approach to music. Their music is playful, but darkly so. Many times there is a spoken intro or dialogue, one of my favorite of which is when the lead singer says to the crowd:

"Some people say, 'What good is the message if you can't understand the words?'123GO" (unidentifiable noise ensues).

Pure grunge! Pure noise! Pure shit!


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