Monday, May 2, 2011

Ef - Give Me Beauty... Or Give Me Death!

2006; 6 tracks

This is the debut album of Swedish post-rock band Ef, and it is a perfect May album. Each track resonates with a shimmering energy that seems to embody the entire genre of "post-rock." Vocals are scarce, but lovely and powerful when heard (see "Hello Scotland"). I just can't find enough words to explain the beauty of Give Me Beauty... Or Give Me Death!. The best experience I had listening to this album was last year on a day that I didn't have school. My mom took me and my sister and brother to a park right on the edge of a huge forest. Me and my sister ran through the forest and found a lake that we had visited when we were younger, and we just laid out on the rock staring at the clouds for hours. Time doesn't even exist in moments like this, when the most beautiful music and the most perfect sky calmly hold you still above the world.

City streets, in late spring...
Where smoke covers everyone, and everything.


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