Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I have been listening to this one piece of music by none other than Sergei Rachmaninoff all day long. Over and over again. It is monumentally inspiring and gorgeous (check out 6:20, holy fuck). I found the very recording I prefer, and here it is:

Sergei Rachmaninoff's Étude-tableau in C minor, No. 7, Op. 39
Nikolai Lugansky, pianist

I've been contributing a lot to my tumblr thing lately. Feel free to check it out, although - as a warning - some of it is a little boring. I watched two episodes of Dr. Who today (just finishing up the 4th season) and am getting more and more nervous to see what will happen with ROSE TYLER. If you didn't know, I am absolutely obsessed with her. Maybe not the actress who portrays her (British pop-singer Billie Piper) ((but I do like her face)), but the character. She is so much like me, and I cried so so much at the episode "Doomsday." I have never cried before, especially that hard, over any TV show or even any movie. Anyway. I will miss Ten too.

Now reading: John Irving - A Prayer for Owen Meany. I actually just read the first paragraph today at school and didn't get a chance to finish any more of it. But that's okay, I'm pretty excited to see what happens.

Also reading Wind-Up Bird on the side, just to add a bit of -sur- to my reality (get it? surreality?). I hope I'm not suffering from something I've heard many other Murakami readers suffer from - that "murakami-tiredness" that comes with reading too much Murakami around the same time, or re-reading things too many times. It's true. I can see how that's possible.

Today I found out about this interesting British photographer from the early 20th century named David Hamilton on this page. His series 1971 Rêves de jeunes filles has some incredibly beautiful photos in it, all of young girls basically around my age, some a little younger. I have a fascination with teenage girls (is that weird?) and I wish I could stay one forever. My favorite two pictures are:


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