Sunday, July 3, 2011

ルナパーク・アンサンブル (Luna Park Ensemble) - Mushi Kui Mandala

1998; 17 tracks

"Uber-whimsical art rock screwiness from the endlessly fascinating 80's Japanese undeground. This CD compiles material from their two very rare LP releases and presents a group with a pronounced affection for After Dinner-like delicate pop discombobulation."

Here we have a creative ensemble of sounds from various styles - free-form psychedelic, dazzling and fantastical pop-inspired jazz. It is ingenious, it is fun, it is great.

01 スクランブル・スーツ
02 虫喰いマンダラ
03 今夜視る夢
04 たきびが消えた
05 傘とお弁当
06 わたしの宝物
07 森の抜け道
08 恋の中毒
09 葡萄の蔓
10 ワルツ(ああ,だめだ)
11 可愛い私のドッペルゲンガー
12 水晶宮殿
13 抗うつ済
14 ネッカーズ・ワルツ
15 パノラマ島
16 青空落下
17 無題



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