Friday, October 14, 2011

Fantastic Plastic Machine - Beautiful

2001; 13 tracks

Okay. The truth? I did not like this album. Not as much as I wanted to.

Fantastic Plastic Machine is Tomoyuki Tanaka, a Japanese electronic/shibuya-kei artist/DJ. This is his third album, and it incorporates elements of jazz, electronic, downtempo, and even some j-pop.

Here's a review just in case you're not convinced:

"The Fantastic Plastic Machine’s third album, Beautiful, is much more steeped in disco than his previous two, which is both good and bad. It's bad in that it narrows the eclectic sound that made his first two albums so fun; it's good in that he can still pump out a great track like 'Beautiful Days.' There's no mistaking the disco strings on 'On a Chair;' 'The Whistle Song' isn't a remake of the famous Frankie Knuckles track as you might think - it's a peppy number with more of a flute than a whistle. 'I'm Still a Simple Man' sounds like it came straight from vaudeville. Not all the tracks are as charming, though: 'God Save the Mona Lisa' seems rambling and 'Take Me to the Disco' shows you why disco had a short shelf life. Still, not a bad album."

I am beautiful


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