Monday, October 10, 2011

Tenhi - Complete Discography

Hallavedet EP

1998; 2 tracks

01 Hallavedet (The Glacial Waters)
02 Hiljaiseksi Lampi Jää (The Pond Stays Still)



1999; 10 tracks

01 Näkin Laulu (The Chant Of Näkki)
02 Huomen (Morrow)
03 Revontulet (Northern Lights)
04 Hallavedet (The Glacial Waters)
05 Etäisyyksien Taa (Beyond Distances)
06 Lauluni Sinulle (Mavourneen's Song)
07 Taival (Straying)
08 Suoto (Drift)
09 Kielo
10 Niin Auer Hiljaa Vie



2001; 3 tracks

01 Tuulennostatus
02 Kielo
03 Ciwenkierto



2002; 12 tracks

01 Vastakaiun
02 Jäljen
03 Vilja
04 Keväin
05 Yötä
06 Suortuva
07 Tenhi
08 Sutoi
09 Katve
10 Varis Eloinen
11 Kuolleesi Jokeen



2006; 12 tracks

01 Varpuspäivä (Sparrow-Day)
02 Kuoppa (Depth)
03 Kuulut Kesiin (July's Wreath)
04 Salain (Shapeless)
05 Viimeiseen (Through Bloom-Blades)
06 Vähäinen Violetissa (Lithe In Lilac)
07 Sarastuskävijä (Frail)
08 Maa Syttyy (Orphan Joy)
09 Tuulenkaato (Falter)
10 Aatos (Reverie)
11 Uuvu Oravan Luu (Ease Squirrel Bone)
12 Rannalta Haettu (From The Shore)


I'm actually quite upset with myself that I haven't posted any Tenhi before now. I mean, seriously? They are one of the greatest ensembles of musicians this world has ever brought forth, and every single one of you needs to immediately drop what you're doing and listen to them. That is an order.

Tenhi is a Finnish group that plays neofolk and traditional folk music of a very dark and atmospheric kind. Exquisitely beautiful melodies and vocals are only two of the varied aspects that make Tenhi better than others of this style. From a few sources now I have seen that "Tenhi" means "village elder" in the Finnish language, so I am inclined to believe that is true. All throughout their music, ritual chants accompany extremely nature-based landscapes. There is a definite traditional aspect to the Tenhi's music, so much so that one wonders whether these are the very sounds of a Finnish village centuries and centuries ago. One can dream.

If you don't know where to start, my personal favorites are Kauan and Maaäet, respectively. I also really, really love the final track of Väre.


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