Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Jun Togawa (戸川純)

Jun Togawa creates some of the most innovative, energetic, and wonderful pop music you will ever hear. The truth is, it's not really pop. It's the beyond. Her solo work is not her only work, and she has collaborated with and contributed to countless other projects and works. I'll admit I'm a very new fan of hers, but through this music I have come to know the meaning of true expression.

Tamahime Sama (玉姫様)

1984; 9 tracks

Jun Togawa's first solo album, the name of which means "Princess Ball." Haruomi Hosono, a popular Japanese musician, writes the title track and does some vocals in "Tonari no Indo-jin."


Suki Suki Daisuki (好き好き大好き)

1985; 8 tracks


Kyokutō Ian Shōka (極東慰安唱歌)

1985; 11 tracks

The title translates as "Far Eastern Consolation Songs." The album concludes with Yumemiru Yakusoko in a new arrangement by Hosono (he did his own singing version). That song title translates as "The Dreamt Promise."


20th Jun Togawa

2003; 6 tracks

If I may borrow from my... friend...

"20th Jun Togawa is another more modern piece by the legendary 戸川純. a cover album where she pays tribute to Brigitte Fontaine, Vanessa Paradis, Patti Smith, and other western classics. her versions of the songs covered here are (except for "Comme A la Radio") have very little in common with the originals. Togawa's voice sounds as childlike as ever, particularly on the delightful cover of "Joe le Taxi".

one or two of the songs on this album (for example, the tired 'All Tomorrow's Parties") are worthless in their original form, but somehow togawa manages to fill them with the spark of life."



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