Monday, February 14, 2011

友川かずき (Kazuki Tomokawa) - Ore no Uchi de Nari-yamanai Mono

1978; 10 tracks

Kazuki Tomkawa was a Japanese folk singer/songwriter most popular in the seventies, but he still makes music today. A nice biography of the artist can be found here. The title of this, his second album, translates as "Poems that won't stop crying from with me: Nakahara Chuya collection." Chuya Nakahara was an early 20th century Japanese poet and Tomokawa uses his poems as lyrics.

"Tomokawa's style is generally described as edgy, underground folk, which emerged from a Japanese folk revival in the 70s. This studio album, however, features crooning vocals and a rather dated sound, like a hybrid between light disco and traditional Japanese ballad."

This album is a one-of-a-kind acid folk/jazz work, exposing both the tenderly lighthearted and passionately romantic sides of Tomokawa's voice. Also, he is quite dreamy :3



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