Friday, February 11, 2011


I'm rather proud of my charts this week. All the Popol Vuh is mainly due to Nosferatu, of course. Honestly, it might be the most incredible albums I've heard. Ever. And I really, really mean it.

I listened to the new Dornenreich today, but I think I'll have to listen to it tonight before bed once or twice more. It was amazing and more, I just don't know if the mystery I once felt surrounding the band is there or has dissipated. I did love the last track. It felt like it brought me into another world and then back again. I love when bands do that. The only other times I can remember that happening is in Opeth's "The Lotus Eater" and Novembre's "Jules." Both great songs.

Monday is Valentine's Day. I have no idea why that is a holiday, but it is. I like to clean my room really meticulously on that day, usually listening to Jesu's Heartache. I guess it's sort of a ritual. Dust really gets on my nerves.

Well goodnight :(


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