Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ad Hominem - Climax of Hatred

2005; 10 tracks

Ad Hominem is a French black metal band created by Kaiser Wodhanz, who does all the instruments. His approach to black metal is much like death metal in content - packed full of non-stop anger and power, the drums a prominent part of nearly every track. There isn't much attention to the "atmosphere," as the main focus seems to be the content of hatred (hence the title?) I wouldn't call this a strictly NSBM release, to be honest. Their lyrics deal more with anti-religion and just hatred in general:

Looking forward to another existence
from ashes will rise a new essence
No religion. nor lowest lambs
Only cold plain and devastated landscapes

I am filled with admiration.

This is one of the most hateful and aggressive albums I've ever heard, definitely on par with the two released by M8L8TH.



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