Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Altorių Šešėliai - Margi sakalai

2007; 10 tracks

I've already done a post for Altorių Šešėliai's demo because I thought it was his best, but I feel like this album deserves some serious respect as well. A few tracks here remind me of Empyrium, but Altorių Šešėliai's are quite a bit less gloomy/doomy. There are plenty of soft neofolk sections, such as on "Gelsvas mėnuo III" - flute, acoustic guitar, running brooks - but the atmospheric black metal sections are what make me love this album.

From Metal-Archives:

"Avinpapis’ true strength lies in his skills of composition. While the songs presented on Margi Sakalai are all quite simple, their draw lies in the subtle changes in mood which he is able to create through slight tempo, riff or drumming changes, each one of which adds another layer onto the music and the atmosphere. Avinpapis’ vocals also add quite a lot to the feeling of the album, always maintaining a low-fi growl which seems to just float on the music and become part of the atmosphere, rather than ever being intrusive or overpowering which wouldn’t work in such a mellow album.

This is the perfect album for going to sleep to. It is just a beautiful, laid-back 45 minutes of music, which is able to transport you to rain-soaked fields and forests, thick scrubland, misty moorlands or wherever you let it if you’re feeling so inclined to go on transcendental nature journeys."



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