Friday, June 18, 2010

Thränenkind - Eine Momentaufnahme - Der Rest ist nur Einsamkeit

2008; 5 tracks

This is Thränenkind's debut demo, (Self-released), and it's really great. It's post-rock influenced black metal from Germany, with depressive/suicidal tendencies. There are many soft parts and many Gris-like parts, which make this a very interesting demo for sure.

"The sound of Thranenkind is that of most Post-Black Metal bands, droning, repetitive guitar lines interspersed with short interludes of atmospheric clean strummed guitar. While the band does nothing new in terms of style, the two members of the group Nathaneal (guitars/bass/vocals) and Pesten (drums) obviously have great skills in terms of song-writing, with Eine Momentaufnahme - Der Rest ist nur Einsamkeit clearly being a highlight album in the burgeoning Post-Rock influenced sect of Black Metal.

Another great aspect of the album is the contrast between songs with a depressive atmosphere and songs with a joyous atmosphere, giving the album great variety. One can only be doing themselves a favor by this acquiring this excellent demo and start following the progress of Black Metal's soon to be most prolific band."

That's a pretty dumb review, but I think it gives a good introduction to what this band's about. Thränenkind's demo is awesome.



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