Thursday, April 7, 2011

Naphini - Get Your Pretense On

2006; 15 tracks

Ahhh, Naphini. This album was one of the first that I downloaded completely off of, when I was like 14. Listening to it again brings back all these memories of me dancing to the BEST ALBUM ELECTRONIC ALBUM I'VE EVER HEARD.

Naphini is "an artist based in Minneapolis that writes, performs, engineers, produces, and masters his own music which generally fits into some subgenre of electronic." Yes, it is definitely electronic. But it's a little something more than that, I think. This music is just intelligent, and engages you like nothing else can. Purely mathematical, and layered with classical, idm, techno, and trip-hop, Get Your Pretense On is always pulsing with midnight energy. I mean, could you ever in a million years find a better song in the universe than "Bohemian Poetry"? Or "Drip Dance"? No. This is a true work of electronic genius.



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