Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Simply Saucer - Cyborgs Revisited

2003 (original - 1989); 18 tracks

This is an incredible "posthostumous" album of psychedelic proto-punk (a sort of precursor to punk rock) released 10 years after the band split up. Simply Saucer was a rock band from Canada active in the '70s that relased one "7 in their time together. Cyborgs Revisited was a compilation of a lost recording session from 1974 and a June 28, 1975 concert performance on the roof of Jackson Square, and was re-released in 2003 with 9 bonus tracks (including the original 1978 single). These tracks really are a different brand of rock music. An early punk-sound seems to influence much of the the riffs and lyrics, and the psychedelic (sometimes bordering on surf-rock, others electronic and spacey) elements are audible as well, and very complementary to the fun, upbeat music. With these dissimilarities from the more popular rock-and-roll acts of the '70s, Simply Saucer's sound is still as accessible as anything, if not more inventive and engaging. Edgar Breau's vocals are one of the greatest aspect of Simply Saucer - never overdone, and not nearly as annoying and screechy as many rock bands of that era. I, for one, and am extremely grateful for the non-irritating vocals here. A thoroughly enjoyable trip. My personal favorite tracks are "Nazi Apocalypse" (this sounds exactly like Michael Gira!) and "I Can Change My Mind."

I'm cyanide over you.


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