Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Zeni Geva - Total Castration

1991; 8 tracks

Just another enjoyable noise rock album? Perhaps... but with the blistering first track, "I Want You," I was admittedly hooked. Zeni Geva is a Japanese noise/post-hardcore band, led by singer and guitarist KK Null.

"Zeni Geva [has an] ability to mangle a metal riff into submission, and choke out their listeners with a claustrophobic vitriol rarely seen this side of Osaka. You got all that right?
So, there's no point in mentioning that this was recorded in Chicago with Steve Albini? You got that too huh?
And, I would be repeating myself to mention that K.K. Null's lyrics seem destined to hurt your feelings, wouldn't I?
And far be it from me to remind you of the scathing death/hardcore/industrial scraping you're about to embark on. That'd be a waste of time right?



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