Wednesday, June 15, 2011

¡Cinco Años! Compilation

1995; 20 tracks

Here is an incredible compilation of various styles of music, from noise rock to grunge to folk. With a pleasing combination of artists (most of which I've never heard) and genres, ¡Cinco Años! allowed me to find out about a ton of AWESOME music!

"One can only assume that this Trance Syndicate compilation was the celebration of five years in the 'music business' for the label, but it was also a benefit for a nonprofit in Austin, Texas. But more importantly, it's a benefit for you, the listener who get a survey of mid-period (no menstruation jokes please) Trance Syndicate in all their glory. From pretty post rock to catchy grunge to shoegazer to devastating noise rock to sun baked Texas oddity. Twas a great label at a great time in music, so this be a grand ole collection of sounds."



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