Thursday, June 16, 2011

Crust - Crusty Love

1994; 15 tracks

This is a terrifying, nigh unbearable, combination of tracks. It makes my spine crawl just to think about it. Crust was a Texas-based noise rock band from the '80s and '90s signed onto the Trance Syndicate records. Crusty Love is their second full-length album.

They go over the edge, Crust does, with no limits in sight. Their sound varies slightly from track to track, but their initial heaviness will stay with you, and haunt you. My personal least favorite track, although I recognize it's brilliance, is "Country Lesson." Oh yeah, there is also "How About You," which takes the listener on the journey of an innocent young man picked up on the side of the road by a psychopath who gets off on the idea of having sex with hermaphrodites. That particular narrative doesn't seem to end well, as the song draws to a close before we can find out what happens to the young kid... hmm. I actually really love the first two tracks a lot, and you probably will too if you're willing to take a risk.

"Unhinged and packed with humour, Crust played a very special brand of noise rock, namely: AAAAHHH NOISE ROCK. If the bludgeon of Cherubs met the off-the-wall attitude of Killdozer, the result would be this very album, albeit with some apt samples and a vague predisposition towards 90’s industrial included."

Sometimes, it's fun to be scared


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