Monday, June 20, 2011

Hey Colossus & the Van Halen Time Capsule - Eurogrumble, Vol. 1

2010; 8 tracks

"The latest offering from Riot Season's custom range of limited vinyl releases is further proof of the West Midlands label's status as a prime outlet for some seriously bad underground vibes. Whatever part of Van Halen is enclosed within their time capsule, Hey Colossus have expanded their name and membership and gorged themselves on the festering contents, spewing forth discomfiting screeds of musique concrete rock as if from a poisoned smokestack. The album bounds from reductive, tank-track riff plods to smothering psychedelics in charismatically haggard fashion, its dystopian distortion and mechanical wreckage inviting us deeper into the mindset of a band cracking open their minds and sealing off their hearts as they trawl through the sonic slagheaps they've manfully committed to posterity. Its closing trilogy of pieces is a monstrous achievement, yet even their titanic proportions are mired in a lethal, pig iron sludge that drowns their every lurching step. Eat 'em and smile."

Hey Colossus is a London-based noise rock band, and "the Van Halen Time Capsule" seems to indicate the addition of extra people, but this is not a split. Eurogrumble, Vol. 1 is perhaps one of the most monstrous albums of noise rock, but it varies in style from noise, sludge, and pure experimental doom. I initially came across this album by the track "13 Millers Court," which haunts as much as captivates, but that first fatal note in "The Question" is just mind-blowing.

You will find some pretty great reviews of this release here, as well as a fairly recent interview with the band and other exclusive links.



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