Thursday, July 8, 2010

Béla Bartók - Mikrokosmos (Complete)

Here we have György Sandor, a great friend and pupil of the composer's, playing the complete Mikrokosmos cycle in the traditional style. Mikrokosmos is a set of 6 volumes of solo piano music, with Volume I being the easiest and Volume VI being the most challenging. Bartók himself believed that if someone had no classical training at all, he or she could begin with Mikrokosmos, Volume I, and work through the books - eventually being able to play Volume VI. Well, Volume VI is a very difficult book to play through (I'm in the middle of learning it right now), so I don't know the truth about the composer's theory... Anyways. This is a historic recording of Hungarian music by a Hungarian, and I highly recommend it to diehard Bartók fans.



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