Friday, July 9, 2010

Judith Juillerat - Soliloquy

2005; 13 tracks

I got this album after seeing Judith Juillerat's name in some random person's charts, and then I viewed her page and saw that she only had one album. She was French, she was an experimental/ambient/electronic artist, and she just seemed interesting. After listening to Soliloquy all the way through for the first time, I immediately thought that I MUST listen to it again. So I did. And I did again. I honestly can't get enough of this album, and the complexity of it brings so many new aspects every time I listen.

"What's interesting about Juillerat is her choice of technology in creating her work. Instead of putting everything together on a computer (which is what I would have guessed after hearing the album), she slowly layers everything together in a multi-track recorder with a variety of analogue and digital synths, mini samples, effects machines, and other toys. The result doesn't sound hugely different, but offers a bit of insight as to her process (which seems a little less tied-in with current trends).

Soliloquy isn't afraid to touch on lots of different sounds, which is good considering it runs almost an hour in length. Considering the definition of the album title and the way in which the vocals are delivered on the release, the title Soliloquy seems to fit pretty well with the somewhat detached style of delivery (and the occasionally disorienting sounds). An excellent and ambitious debut."



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