Friday, July 16, 2010

Le Le - Le Classics

2010; 10 tracks

Le Le is a Dutch lo-fi techno funk/house group featuring Parra, Serge Fabergé of DJVT, and Rimer London (Electro Duo Comtron). This album is a combination of their greatest music, and I suggest getting this to hear the best of Le Le. I really love this album!

"Le Le combines graphic art with dirty electronic funk... inspired by Nu-Wave Disco, Italo, 90ies Pop clichés and 60s Glamour magazines... with a big pop appeal and a good sense of irony. Using a new language: a combination of English, Dutch, German, French and fantasy words.

Inspired by Nu-Wave Disco, Italo Disco, Pop clichés and 60s Glamour magazines: Le Le is a unique force. The music, the vocals, the sense of humour, the ironic take on current mainstream glam pop, the art background and their attitude. A straightforward progression for the current disco/house movement."

Bitch, you breakfast.


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