Friday, July 30, 2010

Fovea Hex - Neither Speak Nor Remain Silent Trilogy

Fovea Hex is an experimental/avant-folk project. Brian and Roger Eno, as well as Steven Wilson, have contributed to this wonderful music. I love these EPs!

Neither Speak Nor Remain Silent is a trilogy of 3 EPs released together in 2007. These EPs are:

Bloom - 2005, 3 tracks
Huge - 2006, 3 tracks
Allure - 2007, 3 tracks

More info here. (Allure is definitely my favorite xD)

These three EPs are absolutely amazing. There is no great word to describe them, but listening to their music is like listening to the music of another world. At times it sounds totally alien and tribal, at others, very underwater-like, reminiscent of Carbon Based Lifeforms. Their music is scary, but also extremely beautiful. I listened to this last night while it was raining and I couldn't imagine anything more perfect than Fovea Hex.



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