Saturday, July 3, 2010

Ef - I Am Responsible

2008; 6 tracks

This is Ef's 2nd full-length album, and, personally, their best. I Am Responsible is 6 tracks of post-rock perfection, of heartbreaking tenderness, and of achingly beautiful climaxes. I am not the hugest post-rock fan, but this album is really one of my favorites in the genre...

My favorite track is "Bear," but I also really love "Thrills." "Bear" is a melancholy masterpiece, and I love listening to it over and over again. I once listened to it sitting on a rock near the lake during a family get together, and it started raining. My childhood cat, my best friend, had died only a few days before, and I laid out and watched the sky with an empty head. I didn't know what to think about. I didn't have anything left. I didn't want it to be silent, so I put on music, whatever music I had. I had just gotten this album the day before and decided to listen to it right then and there... and I was frozen the entire 58 minutes it ran. I couldn't believe anything could possibly be so beautiful. I especially loved "Bear"... I remember hearing that song for the first time and seeing the sky and thinking of Death in June's words: The golden, golden copper sun / old, eldest, dead / over a blue milky-sea sky...



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