Monday, August 30, 2010

Coil - The Remote Viewer

2002; 5 tracks

If you think you know Coil, think again. There is NOTHING in the entire canon of Coil releases that sounds even remotely (haha....) like this. I'm not kidding.

After a few listens, I thought that it was music from another world, as, admittedly, all Coil is.... but..... this struck me in a different way. Look at the cover of Michael Gira's Drainland. Look at the film Brazil, imagine the world of Oceania in 1984, picture yourself in the underwater laboratory of Hard-Boiled Wonderland with INKlings crawling all over you. These are atmosopheres that I am reminded of by The Remote Viewer - mystery, darkness, a place of remorseless human animals.

These 5 tracks will defintely shake you out of that little world you've created for yourself and take you to an entirely underground, remote, mysterious, dark, filthy world.. the world of COIL.

Remastered version.


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